The Balkan Days in their essence are a celebration of inspiration, culture, and joy – this time for more than an entire month:
from Febrary 23 to March 24, 2018.

Balkan Days 2018
„Dreamland Germany“

The theme of this year’s Balkan Days is „Dreamland Germany.“
With this theme we hope to honor the history of immigration between the Balkan region and Germany, beginning with the agreement 50 years ago for guest workers from Yugoslavia to work in Germany.
Attend the exciting events of the 2018 Balkan Days to celebrate the history and culture of this exiting region and its connection to Germany!


6:00pm: Festive Opening of the 2018 Balkan Days with Sadija Klepo, Founder, and Dr. Dieter Hüttner, Director of Hilfe von Mensch zu Mensch e.V.

Welcome Remarks: Dimitrina Lang (Migration counselor), Diana Stachowitz (MdL), Marko Stojanovic (board member of the West Balkan Institute), with a champagne reception and musical entertainmen „Iliria.“

7:00pm: Panel Discussion „Dreamland Germany – Guest Workers, 1968-2018“

with Rüdiger Rossig, Alida Bremer, Danja Antonović

Moderator: Neven Klepo
Location: Kulturhaus Milbertshofen, Curt Mezger Platz 1, München


2:00pm Balkan Film Days

„Kada dodju svinje,“ 2017, Documentary, 72 mins. Bz Biljana Tutorov/with English subtitles.
House wife Dragoslava Taten lets us follow her disappointment with Balkan politics.

 4:00pm „Go West“ 2005, film, 97 mins. By Ahmed Imamović/English subtitles.
The love story between a Bosnian and a Serbian during the Bosnian war.

 6:00pm „Liberation Day“ 2016, Documentary, 100 mins. Bz Ugis Olte and Morten Traavik/English subtitles.
Follow the Slovenian band Laibach as they are the first international music group to play in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea.

 „Inventur-Metzstr.“ 1975, documentary, 9 minutes by Želimir Žilnik/English subtitles.
In central Munich, many guest workers live together. As they come downstairs, they introduce themselves.

„Otvoreni kavez“ 2015, film, 68 mins. By Siniša Galić/English subtitles.
Anna (Leni Wesselman), a young photographer from Berlin travels to Belgrad to produce a photo essay.
Through the charismatic taxi driver Džeki (Nenad Okanovic), she meets the introverted Maja (Jelena Rakocevic), whose dream is to start over in a new country.
In the hope that Anna could help her realize her dream, Maja allows herself to be photographed-without the knowledge that the protagonist is a reporter.

After the film: a discussion with Danja Antonović

Location: Carl-Amery-Saal im Gasteig, Rosenheimerstr. 5, München


6:00pm Balkan Film Days

„Home“ 2017, Documentary, 40 mins, bz Zdenko Jurilj/English subtitles
Many families in Croatia lost their homes when they didn’t receive bank loans. 

„Halo München“ 1968, Documentary, 12 minutes, bz Krsto Papić/English subtitles.
The Dalmatian region changes when guest workers return from Germany and bring many new things with them, like cars, radios, and a new way of life.

"My Own Private War"-Documentary by Lidija Zelović NL - 2016, 57 min.
20 years ago the Serbian Lidija Zelović  fled the war in Sarajevo, arriving in the Netherlands with her family.
Today she returns in order to find reconciliation, but in the minds of the people there, the war never ended.
Confronted with nationalist aggression and hate, she sees the victim’s stories of her own family crumble: her cousin was a sniper and killed in an ambush. 

 8:00pm „Requiem for Mrs. J.“ 2017, film, 93 mins. By Bojan Vuletić/English subtitles.
Mrs. J. wants to commit suicide. Unfortunately there are still problems in her family that need to be resolved.
A black comedy about the power of daily life.

Following the film: a discussion with Anca Lazarescu

Location: Carl-Amery-Saal im Gasteig, Rosenheimerstr. 5, München



Balkan Bazaar

12:00pm: Welcome Remarks

12:05pm: Childrens‘ program – young children with big talent

1:00pm: Remarks – Eles Mustafic and Consul of Bosnia and Herzegovina Ruzmira Tihić-Kadrić.

1:10-6:00pm: Balkan Bazaar of different art forms – culinary, exhibits, and landscapes oft he Balkans.

(Parallel, 2nd level) 1:30pm: Lecture by Andreas Keiser. „1878-2018: The Bulgarian History of Change through Time.“

(Parallel, 2nd level) 2:30pm: Lecture by Maja Nedeljković: Šid – The End of the Balkan Route.“

(Parallel): 3:00-4:30pm: Folklore storytelling competition, Part 1.

 4:30pm: Performance by accordeon player Dragan Živković.

 5:00-6:30pm: Folklore storytelling competition — Part 2, including the announcement of the winners.

Folklore Groups: Lipa, Lazarka, Jelek, Gajda, BKUD Ljiljan. KUD Sevdah, KUD Divanhana, KUD Drenica, KUD Bosancica, KUD Oro

Location: Kulturhaus Milbertshofen, Curt Mezger Platz 1, München


2:00pm Balkan Film Days

„Svukuda“ 2017, 71 min., Documentary by Nedžad Begović

4:30pm: Short films about and from Kosovo

 7:00pm„Spezielle Züge“–  documentary, 1972, 16 mins by Krsto Papić/English Subtitles
After thorough medical examinations by the German delegation, Yugoslav citizens are allowed to travel to Germany as special guest workers.

"Two Schools" – Documentary by Srdjan Sarenac BiH, HR, SRB – 2017, 43 Minutes
After the end of the war in Bosnia the high school in Travnik was divided into two parts: in the left half were the Bosnian students, and in the right half were the Croatian students.
In the middle is a fence that prevented contact between them.
The students met each other only one time per year: at the football competition before Christmas.

Following the screening: a discussion with the director, Srdan Šarenac.

Location: Carl-Amery-Saal im Gasteig, Rosenheimerstr. 5, München.


 Family Day Hasenbergl

Puppet station with Meida Bešić . Lessons in puppet animation for children up to 10 years old.
München Volkshochschule, Blodigstr. 4, 2nd floor.

 1:30-3:30pm (parallel):
Lecture and discussion with the children’s authors Silke Kleemann and Svetoslava Manolova.

Puppet show

Young chilren’s performance: Music by young musicians from Novi Sad, Serbia, between the ages of 12 and 15 years.
A mix of classical and modern compositions.

 Moderator: Denijen Pauljević

 Location: City Library Hasenbergl, Blodigstr. 4


20:00 Uhr


Jasna Đokić (Vojvodina-Sevdah-Blues) & Band

Location: Kleiner Konzertsaal im Gasteig, Rosenheimerstr. 5, München




Bozo Vrećo, Sevdah

Mirza Selimović & Band

Location: Foyer Carl-Orff-Saal im Gasteig, Rosenheimerstr. 5, München

MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2018

Family Day Bad Tölz

2:00pm: Reading and discussion with the children’s author Svestislava Manolova

2:00pm (parallel): Lecture and discussion with the children’s authors Silke Kleemann and Svetoslava Manolova.

5:00pm: end of the performance

5:30pm: Performance by the children’s folklore group „Nikola Tesla“ from München 

Moderator: Aleksandra Davidović

 Location: Sauersbergraum im Jodquellenhof, Ludwigstr. 14, Bad Tölz

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The team from Hilfe von Mensch zu Mensch e.V. has believed since 1992 that the meeting of people across cultural borders and perspectives creates opportunities.
The Balkan Days in Munich support a dialog between the diverse cultures, traditions, and lifestyles of all the countries in the Balkan region.

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