Welcome to our 12th Balkantage!

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The Balkan Days in their essence are a celebration of inspiration, culture, and joy—this time for more than an entire month: from Febrary 23 to March 24, 2018.

In 2018 is the 50th anniversary of the arrival of guest workers from the former Yugoslavia to Germany. We chose the theme „Dreamland Germany“ not only to commemorate this anniversary, but also to shine a light on the outcomes of the guest worker program for both the German and Yugoslav societies.

We will talk about the Balkan countries that are not part of the European Union and suffering from massive „brain drain“ as well as about Kosovo, which is still not fully-functioning 10 years after its independence.
A guiding theme throughout the Festival will be the problems that minorities experience in the Balkans—especially the problems of the LGBT community.

Despite ist problems, the Balkans is a region with unique landscapes, unexplored cultures, and rich histories that go beyond the usual tourist attractions and commercial organizations.
We will show these things through our events and concerts in order to celebrate the Balkans and help others discover and admire them.

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