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The Balkantage are a cultural festival of movement, inspiration, culture, and joy from March 8-30, 2019. 

Opening of the 13th annual Balkantage

8.03.2019, Friday, Stadtmuseum München
(Sankt-Jakobs-Platz 1, 80331 München)

17:30 Opening Celebration
With Sadija Klepo, Journalist and Founder of Hilfe von Mensch zu Mensch e.V.
Opening Remarks: Dimitrina Lang, Director of the LHS München Migrationsbeirat
Champagne reception and musical accompaniment by „Frauenklapa Fiaminge“

19:00 Roundtable
The Balkans: Region of Possibility with Dr. Maja Savić-Bojanić, Igor Ilić und Dr. Dennis Gratz. 
Moderation: Almut Gronauer, Author and journalist
Admission: free

11.03.2019, Monday, 16:00 Uhr, Münchenstift
(Haus an der Tauernstraße, Tauernstraße 11, 81547 München)

Concert: Iskra & Vlado Grizelj (Jazz, Evergreen, Sevdalinka)
The duo will perform an exciting mix of Jazz, Bossa Nova standards, pop and soul classics, as well as traditional songs from the former Yugoslavia.
Admission: free

Opening, 13. Balkan Film Days
15.03.2019, Friday, 19:00 Uhr, Kino Gabriel
(Dachauer Str. 16, 80335 München)

19:00 Opening Remarks
Oliver Tataru
Musical accompaniment: Folk group „BKUD Behar

19:15 „Južni vetar“, 2018, by Miloš Avramović, 125 Min., Serbien
Peter, Member of the Belgrad Automafia, wants to improve his life, but then he makes a mistake.

21:30 Filmtrends auf dem Balkan
Interview with Boris Balta, director oft he Tuzla Film Festival
22:00 Champagne Reception
Admission: 10€/7€

16.03.2019, Saturday, 20:00 Uhr, Anton-Fingerle-Zentrum, Giesing
(Schlierseestraße 47, 81539 München)

Stand-up-Comedy: „Rodijaci“ 
The funny life story of two guest workers.
Opening Remarks: Amira Kazazić
Eintritt: 25€/20€

17.03.2019, Sunday, 15:00 Uhr, Gasteig, Raum 0.131
(Rosenheimer Str. 5, 81667 München)
Literature Day: Maša Dabić, Jagoda Marinić, Ranka Nikolić
Moderation: Alida Bremer
Music: Laurent Prokopić.
Opening Remarks: Denijen Pauljević.
Discussion. Literature from München, Belgrad, Rijeka, Zagreb, Graz und Münster
Admission: 7€/5€

Family Day
18.03.2019, Monday, 10:00 Uhr, Stadtbibliothek/Kulturzentrum Hasenbergl
(Blodigstraße 4, 80933 München)

Jo-Wa - Together? Live! Intercultural performance
Musician John Awofade Olugbenga of Nigeria tells the story of his life and culture in a musical performance, while Stephan Lanius represents the European mindset with fables from the past. 

Puppet Workshop
Children between 5 and 10 years old can make their own puppets out of different arts and crafts materials.
Admission: 5€/3€

Family Day
19.03.2019, Tuesday, 9:00 Uhr, Jodquellenhof, Bad Tölz 
(Ludwigstraße 14, 83646 Bad Tölz)

Puppet Workshop
Children between 5 and 10 years old can make their own puppets out of different arts and crafts materials.
Admission: 5€/3€

19.03.2019, Tuesday, 19:00 Uhr Münchenstift (Haus Heilig-Geist)
(Dom-Pedro-Platz 6, 80637 München)

Concert: Laurent Prokopić (Chanson, Evergreen)
A repertoire of French chants and American Evergreen, and ballads from the former Yugoslavia will be performed. Ein Repertoire, das französisches Chanson, amerikanisches Evergreen und Balladen des ehemaligen Jugoslawiens umfasst.

Admission: free

20.03.2019, Mittwoch, 15:30 Uhr, Münchenstift (Haus an der Effnerstraße) 
(Effnerstraße 76, 81925 München)

Concert: 4420 Band (YU-Hits, Pop, Rock, Ethno)
Experience the Balkan-Feeling by listening and dancing to music performed by Miloš Mihailović (Guitar) und Nenad Uskoković (Cello)
Admission: free

Balkan Film Days
20.03.2019, Wednesday, Kino Gabriel
(Dachauer Str. 16, 80335 München)
18:00 „In praise of nothing”, 2017. Von Boris Mitić, mit Iggy Pop. 78 Min., Serbia
A cinematic attempt at nothingness: With more than 100 cinematographers' shots, verses are played by Iggy Pop and accompanied by the music of the legendary Tiger Lillies, Boris Mitić tries to make a film about nothing.

19:30„The Load“, 2018, by Ognjen Glavonić, 98 Min., Serbia
During the NATO bombings against Serbia in 1999, the unemployed Vlada secured a job with the army transporting cargo from Kosovo to Belgrad.  Während der Bombenangriffe der Nato im Jahr 1999 gegen Serbien hat der arbeitslose Vlada einen Job von der Armee gefasst. Er soll eine Ladung vom Kosovo nach Belgrad transportieren. With his road movie, the young filmmaker explores questions of shared responsibility.
Admission: 7€/5€

Balkan Film Days
21.03.2019, Thursday, Kino Gabriel
(Dachauer Str. 16, 80335 München)

18:00 „Die andere Seite von Allem“, 2017, Mila Turajlić, 100 Min., Serbia/France/Qatar
Above all this movie is about resistance, rebellion, and the hope for a democratic Serbia. It is the story of a country that reflects the story of the 20th century like no other. 

20:00 „The Constitution“ 2016, Rajko Grlić. 93 Min., Croatia/Czechoslovakia/Slovenia
This film tells the story of four people living in the same apartment building in Zagreb. They would never have exchanged a word, if not for the bad luck that brings them together.
Admission: 7€/5€

Balkan Film Days
22.03.2019, Friday, 19:00 Uhr, Kino Gabriel
(Dachauer Str. 16, 80335 München)

„Ministry of Love“, 2016, by Pavo Marinkovic, 103 Min., Croatia
The Croatian government is once again running out of money and needs to save. Die kroatische Regierung ist wieder einmal knapp bei Kasse und muss sparen. This time, more than 20 years after the end of the Balkan War, the government targets the pensions of the wives of fallen soldiers.
Admission: 7€/5€ 

23.03.2019, Friday, 18:00 Uhr, „Bayerischer Hof“ Starnberg
(Bahnhofpl. 12, 82319 Starnberg)
Literature Day: Reading from the anthology „Wir sind hier“ (Allitera Verlag / Starnberg).
The influence of migration on literature
Music: Sevdalinka - Bosnischer KUD „Behar“
Opening remarks: Julian Mantoan
Admission: 17/15€

23.03.2019, Saturday, Gasteig, 20:00 Uhr, Kleiner Konzertsaal
(Rosenheimer Str. 5, 81667 München)

Concert: Acoustic Caravan (Jazz Sevdalinka)
Sevdalinka are traditional Bosnian love songs that, at times, sound melancholy, wistful, or light-hearted, but which always carry the deepest passion.
Opening Remarks: Džamna Krpo
Admission: 20€/15€

Closing of the Balkan Film Days
24.03.2019, Sunday, 18:30 Uhr, Kino Gabriel
(Dachauer Str. 16, 80335 München)

„The Award“, 2017, Lidija Mojsovska, 16 Min., Macedonia
The story of a 10-year old Albanian-Muslim child who participates in a religious competetion to help his younger brother, who is sick. 

„Secret Ingredient“, 2017, by Gjorče Stavreski, 104 Min., Macedonia
Vele can’t afford the expensive medications that his father needs to treat his cancer. To alleviate his father’s pain, Vele steals marijuana and bakes a cake that radically improves his father’s condition.
At the end there will be an interview with Gjorče Stavreski about the social conditions of the elderly in the Balkans.
Admission: 7€/5€

25.03.2019, Monday, 17:30 Uhr, Gasteig, Foyer Carl-Orff-Saal
(Rosenheimer Str. 5, 81667 München)
Exhibit Opening (Exhibit will remain until 07.04.2019) 
„Stari Most“ 
München – Mostar: eine Brücke der Hoffnung
Alija Behram discusses the cities between East and West.
A conversation with the exhibit creator.
Music: Choir „Tuzlanke“
Opening Remarks: Sadija Klepo
Admission: free

26.03.2019, Tuesday, 15:00 Uhr, Münchenstift (Haus an der Rümannstraße)
(Rümannstraße 60, 80804 München)

Concert: Musical Ensemble „Tuzlanke“
The women’s choir „Tuzlanke“ was founded in 1998 as part of the women’s club of the city Tuzla in Bosnia-Herzegovina and has performed in festivals around Europe. The women from Tuzla, who are once again guests at the Balkan Days, sing traditional songs from their homeland as well as pop songs from the region.
Admission: free

26.03.2019, Tuesday, 15:00 Uhr, Münchenstift (Hans-Sieber-Haus)
(Manzostraße 105, 80997 München)

Performance: Folkgroup „Gajda“
A folk dance ensemble that was founded in 1973 to introduce and support the dance culture of the Balkans.
Admission: free

29.03.2019, Friday, 19:30 Uhr, Gasteig, Carl-Orff-Saal
(Rosenheimer Str. 5, 81667 München)

Big Concert: Jacques Houdek & Ilma Karahmet
Jacques Houdek is a Croatian singer who is known across Europe for his technique and sovereignty as a result of his performance on the Eurovision Singing Competition. In his homeland he is a celebrated and beloved popstar with a noteworthy career.
Admission: 40€/35€

30.03.2019, Saturday, 12:00 - 20:00 Uhr, Willi-Graf-Gymnasium
(Borschtallee 26, 80804 München)
Balkan Bazaar: Folk groups, exhibits, advising, info tables, and Balkan foods

12:05 Children’s program
13:00 Opening Remarks
15:00 - 18:00 Folklore Competition
Admission: 2€/1€ 

30.03.2019, Saturday, 20:00 Uhr, Gasteig, Black Box
(Rosenheimer Str. 5, 81667 München)

Concert: Zmei3
ZMEI3´s Song of resistance, oppression, immigration, love, death, and unity are presented from the Romanian past through Blues, Rock, and Jazz.
Admission: 20€/15€

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