discover the Balkans,

    Europe´s hidden Jewel!

    The next, the 10th Balkan Days want to expose a new image of the Balkans, an image with which the people in Munich and Germany aren’t familiar with: the unexpected, the mystical, the secluded as well as the exciting, adventurous and the thrilling…

    The exceptional landscape of the Balkans has plenty to offer: harsh mountains, traversed by wild river valleys, it has dense woods and sparse plateaus as well as the sea. The Balkans bear witness of an old and undiscovered culture, historical cities and castles that are honoured in legends and old songs.

    But the Balkans means also hospitable and cordial people, who despite all the resentments of the past appreciate and welcome guests by sharing the little they have.

    That’s what the next Balkan Days shall proclaim. They want to encourage to its visitors and guests to discover the Balkans, the unknown Balkans, on their own.

    Enjoy this event with us! Save the date! Or, if you can think of anything interesting or special you would like to share with us and to contribute to successful 10th Balkan Days, contact us.

    - Your team of Balkan Days

    Most events take place in Gasteig.
    Date for the big concert is Friday, March 11th, 2016 in Carl-Orff-Saal in Gasteig.


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